Choosing a Open Source License

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Choosing a Open Source License

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Long story short: I wrote a bunch of PHP code a few years ago then I ended up using at a previous employer. Majority of the framework was built on my own time, but once I took it into work it had some things added. Since "Programmer" wasn't a part of my job title I didn't think about code ownership at all. Since *some* of the code had been written at said employer I can't use it at my current job.

I am starting all over. I've learned several things since the last time around and have come up with better ways to do it. Now, I'm looking for a open source license that will allow me the freedom to keep it with me despite the job I work. I have no idea what I need, so I leave it up to your guys. Help me out.

EDIT: It isn't much to look at right now, but if you're interested...
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