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Re: XBox Headsets

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I'm not saying it isn't cool. Because it is cool. Especially with the SDK for Windows (which is already out, or soon to be out). But I don't want to be required to use it to play a game.

Take the Wii for instance - For the brief time it was in my house (2 years~) I only found one game that took advantage of it well. The game was "The Godfather". I had played the game on some traditional system all the way through, and than played it on the Wii with the added controls. I was shocked at how well they used the Wii remote for the game - Especially since the game was developed without the Wii in mind.

...So these gimmicky control schemes can work. But the developer has to care enough to not just slap it together, and ideally be able to not use the gimmick at all....
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