Griffin Dock Experience - If anyone cares

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Griffin Dock Experience - If anyone cares

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So back in Feb when I bought my Moto X I also bought a Moto X specific dock.

The first major complaint. Despite the fact that not only is the dock made specifically for the Moto X, it is also sold directly by Motorola with a quote on their website saying "M4DE means (made for) Motorola Only the world's best brands and accessories will do." One would think this would mean the damn camera hold (that does exist) would be... Oh I don't know... Where the... Camera is... Is my expectations to high here?


It also says it works with "all but the bulkiest cases". Again. I got a "slim" case directly from Motorola. Needless to say it won't fit with the case on the phone. -_-

Moving on...

The integrated charger stopped working this week. Of course it stopped when I was on a trip and actually needed the dock more than ever. Annoying, but I dealt...

So I expected a 90 day warranty. I was quite happy to find a 1 year warranty.

A visit to the website and... Yep. More problems. The product doesn't seem to exist in their support system (it does exist on their website store though). Luckily there is a prominent 800 number.

From here things stop being broken, but continue to be screwy. Normal questions, although the line of questions seem to be begging for a reason to not honor the warranty - Pretty impossible though since I bought it directly from Motorola less then a year ago.

I'm told to send a picture of the device. Here is the screwy part. Since you can't visually see the problem I'm told to break the device - Like crack it in half or such. What.... The...

You know what... Whatever. I have the phone call recorded. If this takes a turn for the absurd I have audio proof I was told to break it.

I tear out the charging connection and bend the plastic. And send off the email.

Fairly quickly I get an email back saying the item has shipped with a $0.00 invoice.

So at this point I got a free replacement dock with only reasonable fuss.

...Of course the replacement is going to still be illogically flawed...
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