To everyone who wasn't paying attention...

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To everyone who wasn't paying attention...

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While you were snoozing, we made a post on our "Suggest A Feature" forum, playfully announcing the latest release.

Version 0.3.0004 is out now and here is what it has to offer:

The long awaited tabbed IMs are here. They're not perfect, but we love them so hopefully you will to. We tried to add in all the great features of tabs that you're used to like: drag-and-drop reordering, CTRL+Tab switching (with CTRL+Shift+Tab reverse), drag-and-drop grouping and ungrouping, message indicators, typing indicators, middle-click close, CTRL+F4 close, ESC close, CTRL+T to open a new IM.

We also put a feature from beta 2 back in: Idle Control. However, we tried to simplify the way you interact with it, because we felt b2 was way too complex. It's still as effective and even more convenient to use. This feature definitely has room to grow, and I'm sure you'll be seeing more of it later.

Next, we added on logging of idle status. Previously, you could only log when someone goes away or comes back, and when someone signs on or off. Now you can log when someone goes idle or becomes active.

With this being said, we also made a feature enhancement. We've split out the options for status logging so you don't have to log all of them if you don't want to.
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