BETA 3: F5 Refresh in Log Viewer

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BETA 3: F5 Refresh in Log Viewer

Post by Portfolioso »

The shortcut key should probably be changed because it only works if you have the list view in focus. If you click anywhere in the log, the f5 key is the search shortcut key for the AIM rich text dialog.
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Post by Jon8RFC »

With the log viewer viewing an IM log, click on the right side (where the actual chat text is displayed) and hit F5. F5 brings up the "find" box that F3 does, instead of refreshing.

When using the built-in search, F5 does not work unless the right-side is clicked on, but still has the F3/F5 bug.

With the log viewer viewing an IM log--but not clicking on the right side--when refresh is used, the tree is closed and loses its spot. It refreshes the left side, as it should, but it shouldn't reset what's selected...right?
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