BETA2: Archive of Known Issues

These are a list of bugs that have already been submitted. Please check here before reporting a bug.

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BETA2: Archive of Known Issues

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Don't know if already posted but might be helpful:

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  • Direct IM Logging - Doesn't Work
    AIM 5.9.3672 - 5.9.3797 - Not working with middle_man...
    Connection Problems - Not logging, no aliasing, no commands
    100% CPU Usage - Lags out AIM
    Save/Send Buddy List - Aliases are used...
    /removeme - Does not work.
    Shortcut Keys Broken - The F2,F4 and F6 keys don't work...
    Buddylist Disappears - Can't see the buddylist...
    Cannot Clone - Cloning crashes AIM...
    Direct Connection Problems - Will not connect...
Direct IM Logging

[quote]At this time middle_man does not log conversations held while users are directly conencted. Similarly, it does not save any files (ie. pictures, sounds, documents) received during the direct connection. [/quote]

Connection Problems

[quote]Recently, there were a number of complaints about middle_man not logging, aliases not working and commands not working. There are a few possibilities why this is happenning:

This is known to occur randomly at times. Sometimes, AIM hangs while connecting. If this happens, click cancel and try again. This will cause middle_man to "not be in the middle," meaning logging, commands and aliases will not work. Simply restart AIM by exiting completely and try connecting again.

If you manually installed middle_man on AIM 5.9 and have AIM set to start automatically with windows, middle_man will not be in the middle. PM me for instructions to edit the Netwait.odl

Are you connected through a proxy? Well, middle_man doesn't support proxies (yet)

Firewalls shouldn't affect middle_man, however there are a few known firewalls that do. AOL 9.0 for Broadband with PortMagic seems to interfere with the connection and I believe someone had a problem with Norton Internet Security. To fix this, try to disable it temporarily and see if that helps.

Updated: 9/23/04 [/quote]

100% CPU Usage

[quote]We are aware of a problem in middle_man's code for beta 2 that creates an infinite loop, causing AIM to halt with 100% CPU usage.

There is no known workaround to this problem, however the problem has been fixed for the next release. Please see the FAQ page if you're unfamilar with when the releases come out. ;) [/quote]

Save/Send Buddylist

[quote]We are aware that if you have aliases and you try to save your buddy list, it will save the aliases instead.

This also pertains to the new "Send Buddy List..." feature in AIM.

For example, if you have Jon8RFC aliased as Jon, when you save your buddy list, Jon is saved rather than Jon8RFC. When loading the saved buddy list, Jon is loaded instead of Jon8RFC which conflicts with aliasing as well as not being able to contact the correct screen name of is attempted with Jon instead of Jon8RFC. [/quote]

/removeme Doesn't Work

[quote]The /removeme command that once functioned actively in middle_man now does not.

This is no fault of John or Harry. AOL/AIM themselves removed the functionality that made this feature possible.

It, in all likelihood, is not coming back. [/quote]

Shortcut Keys Broken

[quote]We are aware of a problem in Windows 98/Me where the shortcut keys no longer work. The workaround for this is not being lazy, you can function without them.

F2 -> right click on the buddy list and choose Rename Buddy...
F4 -> go to the menu My AIM > Middle Man > Settings...
F6 -> go to the menu My AIM > Middle Man > Settings... and choose Logging, and then click on the Launch log_viewer button.

Also, on AIM 5.9, the shortcut keys do not work on ANY OS [/quote]

Buddylist Disappears

[quote]We are aware that people are having some issues with Windows 98/Me where they cannot see their buddylist after they click on it or move it. This is caused by something in the ad-removal code. If you go to the My AIM > Middle Man menu and open the middle_man settings you'll be able to access the Ad Removal section and disable all ad-removal options. This will temporarily fix the issue.

If you came here because you ignored our warning and set your transparecy to 100%, then you should search the FAQ for a solution. [/quote]

Cannot Clone

[quote]We are aware that some users are unable to clone AIM because it crashes their AIM. There are two situations actually going on here.

1) You didn't install middle_man correctly and AIM is crashing because middle_man's idlemon.dll did not get installed.


2) You may have Windows 98/Me, or are not an administrator on your system.

The only workaround that we can suggest is learning how to clone the old school way (at least until beta 3). You can do this by copying the AIM folder into another directory, and then hex editing the AIM.exe file. If you're not skilled with computers, please do not attempt this. PM or IM Jon8RFC for information on hex editing. [/quote]

Direct Connection Problems

[quote]We are aware that there are problems with direct connections. We speculate this happens because middle_man does not know how AIM is trying to connect and it may be blocking one of its "special" techniques.

There is no work around for this at the momment. PM or IM Portfolioso if you want more information about testing to see if you can get yours to work. [/quote]