Convert V2 logs to V3

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Jason B
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Re: Convert V2 logs to V3

Post by Jason B »

Are you guys still around? I'm trying this as we speak, and have some questions.
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Re: Convert V2 logs to V3

Post by PhaseDMA »

None of the people that have posted in this thread have visited since at least last year.

Although there are many people still around on this forum that I'm sure could answer your questions as well if not better then the people that have previously posted in this thread.
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Re: Convert V2 logs to V3

Post by Quirk »

It has been so long, I don't remember a single thing about middle_man.
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Re: Convert V2 logs to V3

Post by Matt »

Jason B -- If you are still looking to do this, I will take initiative and install the older versions of m_m and work out the issues you may be experiencing. As Quirk said, I have long forgotten the ins and outs of middle_man and would be happy to help you. Please reply back if you are indeed having issues.
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